BLITZIK was born out of a strong passion for Sports and Education to be embraced by youths, children and the skilled sports athletes for a healthy and complete human development. 

From an observation of what can be described as pathetic, the way Sports Heroes in Africa and Nigeria in particular, end up their career due to poor welfare and minimal or no plan for retirement by their stakeholders. 

We launched BLITZIK SPORTS to serve as a brain box to fix workable plans not just to provide solutions but help in shaping and encouraging upcoming talents in Sports and Education. 

Highlights of our key agenda include:

*Admonish parents to encourage their wards with special interest in sports. Thereby, inspiring school children and youths to take up Sports and Education. 

*Charge school authorities to have sports equipment, playing centres and at least one sports’ master in their schools. 

*To challenge government at all levels to constantly organize Inter-house sports and rekindle National Schools Sports competitions to serve as an avenue to harness more talents. 

*To encourage the established sportsmen and women to acquire academic qualifications, skills acquisitions or businesses early enough, so as to have something to fall back to during retirement. 

* For Stakeholders to serve as a watchdog between the people and government, using sports to reduce social vices, also organise regular sports competitions which will build more potential athletes for the nation.